Saturday, August 18, 2012

Grandma Week 2012: Day 6, Corn Dogs and the Air Force Museum with Grandpa

Rejoice with your family in the beautiful land of life!
–Albert Einstein

Aren't Saturday mornings wonderful? Saturday during Grandma Week is no exception. There's plenty of time to read the news.
{Roly Poly}

No hurry to get dressed.
{Dogpile top to bottom: Miss Butterfly, Andrew, Grasshopper, Mantis, LadyBug}

And once the chores are done, Grandpa takes the kids to do some of his favorite things.
{Top: Miss Butterfly
Bottom Left: Grasshopper, Mantis, Grandpa, Mouse
Bottom Right: LadyBug, Julie, Roly Poly, Cap'n Underpants}

My dad loves hot dogs, especially ones bought at the gas station C-store. Today he treated all the grand kids to a gas station corn dog picnic, followed by a visit to the Air Force Museum.

After checking out all the cool historical Air Force stuff, they got to make rockets at the Aerospace Center for Education and launch them off.
{Center l to r: Grasshopper, Miss Butterfly, LadyBug with Instructor Larry who did a terrific job, Mantis, Lizard Boy, Cap'n Underpants and Instructor Larry again, Mouse, Roly Poly
Bottom l to r: Grandpa, Lizard Boy, Roly Poly, Mouse, LadyBug, Miss Butterfly, Mantis, Grasshopper, Cap'n Underpants}

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Shay said...

Nice to see Grandpa got a look in during Grandma week.

Unless gas station hot dogs are significantly better in your part of the world than they are in mine I;d be passing on that part of the festivities!