Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Bradbury 13: Here There Be Tygers

Jump, and you will find out how to unfold your wings as you fall.
–Ray Bradbury

Today's Bradbury 13 is Here There Be Tygers. It was the twelfth in the series to air and is based on the short story of the same name in A Medicine for Melancholy, which was published in 1959.

Here There Be Tygers
The rocket ship sank down towards planet seven of star system 84. They had travelled millions upon millions of miles. Earth was far away, her system and her sun forgotten. And now the rockets of these tiny men could travel anywhere for the speed of their rockets was the speed of a god. And now, they were feathering down towards an alien world.
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Travel through space has fascinated man since . . . well, since somebody looked up and noticed there were other planets out there. This story is really very enchanting, if you love stories about space travel and things that you imagined doing when you were a child, with a dash of the dangers that lurk in the unknown to keep it interesting. On the surface, it would seem that this story is all about those dreams we dream when we are young. But as with each of the other episodes, there is a deeper meaning to the story. This one deals with how we treat our natural resources and how money equals power. It makes you stop and think. I was 11 when these stories came out and listening to them then, I only enjoyed them for their entertainment value. As I've listened to them again to get ready for posting, I find there is more there and have really liked grasping the deeper meanings.

Air Date: June 18, 1984

{Tim Eisenhart, Bruce Newbold, Max Robinson and one other.
Photo Courtesy of Phil at Ray Bradbury & Media
©Mike McDonough}
Paul Frees

Max Robinson
Bruce Newbold
Michael Drury Beck
Tim Eisenhart
Jeff Raider

Roger Hoffman
Greg Hansen

Production Assistant:
Patrick Mead

Associate Producer:
Jeff Raider

Created, Produced, Directed:
Mike McDonough

Executive Producer:
Dean Van Uitert

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Jill said...

I really wanted to give this one an insightful comment. But I don't remember this one at all. I recognize the title, but I don't know the story. I will for sure have to listen again. I now have the MP3's. After I complained that I hadn't, Dad came over for something (which I cannot remember). He then said, "Is your computer on?" "No." "Would you like some MP3's?" "Yes!" So, they're on my computer. I'm going to load them onto my player, and hopefully find some time to listen!
Perhaps if I do, I'll let you know what I think of it.