Friday, February 18, 2011

Favourite Things Friday: My iPod

Music cleanses the understanding; inspires it, and lifts it into a realm which it would not reach if it were left to itself. –Henry Ward Beecher

My favourite thing today is kind of a spin-off of my first FTF post and was brought to remembrance by Mrs. P's FTF post today. My favourite today is my iPod.

This little beauty is a pink 5th generation 16gb nano, adorably dressed in a skin to protect it from getting scratched. My iPod houses all seven Harry Potter audio books, the four Twilight books, three or four of my favorite Jane Austen's, half a dozen of my favorite CD's in their entirety, tons and tons of my favorite movie music, my Bradbury 13 episodes and several lengthy favorites playlists for different occasions and moods. And there is still space on there for more :faint:. I love it!

Whoever came up with the iPod is a genius. I love music and I love that I can put all of my favorites on one amazingly tiny portable device. I listen to it while I'm doing laundry or mopping the floors or gardening or sewing. Here is a small sampling of what you will find on my playlists. Feel free to pick and choose what you listen to. I went a little overboard :biggrin:.

Standalone player

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Sarcastic Quilter said...

I love that skin for your iPod! I need to find me something funky like that.

Paulette said...

I'm listening to Silent Lucidity right now. I love that song. Thanks for music to send me off to dreamland. Note to self: Load this on my mp3 player.

thea said...

I love my ipod too! thanks for the great FTF.

Kirsten said...

Nice day I will have an I Pod too

Shay said...

Snap! A lot of us were having a musical week. I love that we were thinking the same thing!

I love Hey Soul Sister - it's such an upbeat song isnt it?

Thanks for sharing your IPOD E. Love the skin too. I'm still using my first gen Nano!

Angie said...

HAHA, your play list is {almost} as whacked-out, um, I mean 'eclectic' as mine.

Marg said...

I love my iPod but hadn't even thought to put the Harry Potter audio books on it, thanks for that, what a brilliant idea.
Love love the skin, that is gorgeous.