Thursday, February 10, 2011

Thursday Hodgepodge: Unillustrated

Growing old is mandatory; growing up is optional.–Chili Davis

I have to be at work in exactly 1 hour. It is probably a little bit nuts of me to start a post now, because once I've started, I'll have to finish and finished means that I'll read and edit and re-read and edit some more until every sentence is exactly right. Which probably means I'll be late for work. I could get the framework done and then tweak it after I get in, but did you know that you can get fired for blogging at or about work? I don't have time when I'm there anyway. I think you could probably be fired for being late to work because you had to get your blog post done before you came in too. Work just cuts into too many of my 'me time' activities :lol:.

I've decided to join the Friday Night Sew-In this month {thanks, Angie :wink:}. Before I investigated, I thought it was a weekly thing and was all excited to tuck in tomorrow night and do a little quilting. I finished my Grandpa's quilt top on Tuesday and it is all pin-basted and ready for machine quilting. I'm still going to do that tomorrow night because I'm really excited to get it finished and sent off to him. But I'm left wondering what fabulous project I'll work on next Friday night for the sew-in :confused:. If you'd like to join in too, click on the button for details.

And while we're on the subject of Angie, she's awarded me the Leibster Blog award. While I'm flattered, I've decided not to pass the award along to anyone else. Instead, I thought I'd start a game of no-pressure Blog Tag. One of my favorite things about blog awards is the 'random bits of information' section. You get to know some really interesting things about people. I'm not going to tag anyone specific — I hate to play favorites and have anyone feel left out. So everyone is invited to play along. If you want to join in {i.e., you're out of interesting things to post about}, make a list of six random things about yourself and invite others to play along. Easy as that. Here are my bits of randomness {and if I hurry, I'll still make it to work on time}.

1. I would love to go to a Masquerade Ball.
2. I would love to live in England for a few years, just so I can listen to that dreamy accent all day long.
3. We have two fire-bellied toads in an aquarium at our house. They eat live crickets. Somehow, a cricket or two always manages to escape from their little holding pen {it would be a huge mess in the aquarium if I were to throw in 50 crickets at a time}. When a cricket escapee is found roaming about the house, everyone {including Mr. Bug} comes to get me so that I can catch it. I do it with my bare hands. I'm brave like that img alt=":cool:" src="" title="Cool" />.
4. I think I'll make Sweetie Pies for Valentine's day {thanks, Pink :wink:}. I'm thinking of using homemade raspberry jam, or maybe cherry pie filling and I'll probably try out and new pie crust recipe that uses butter instead of shortening {thanks Iris :wink:}. I'll let you know how it turns out.
5. My favorite thing about winter is that it is eventually over and then the tulips start to bloom.
6. There are 21 pairs of scissors with known locations at my house: there is one pair with my gardening tools, three pairs in my kitchen, seven pairs on my sewing table, three pairs in my office, three pairs in my bathroom, on pair in LadyBug's room with her art supplies and one pair in Grasshopper's room, with his art supplies. And there are two more pair somewhere that I can't account for.

It turns out that I'm going to be about 9 minutes late for work. I need to do one final proof-read and I got held up because although I'd made the list of random things in my head while I was drying my hair earlier, when it came time to write it out, two of the things disappeared off the list. #5 is a pinch-hitter. Fortunately, I remembered one of the two things I'd forgotten. #6 turned out to be a pretty good ending.

Happy Thursday!
xo –Elizabeth


Angie said...

We have a leopard gecko, he also eats crickets an I don't know how but EVERYTIME one of them gets out. Even with 3 boys (4 if you count dad), I am still the one who has to catch 'em!

Shay said...

Ugh picking up crickets ...there are some things Im simply not brave enough to do . I found I was surprisingly girly as I read that.

And I have about 7 pairs of scissors here . Your 21 trumps me. In fact I suspect that trumps just about everyone.

Congratulations on the award. Hope you werent too late to work !

Jennifer Lovell said...

I like your 6 random things. As much as I know about you, I wouldn't suppose I knew any of those 6 things before. By the way, I agree with you on #2, but might actually exchange it for Australia! (And, maybe it would be more likely for Hugh Jackman to come to my house there!)

This was a fun post! I'm going to do my 6 things soon. Love you!

whimsyfox said...

love your 6 random things! I thought about it and I think I have as many scissors as you do. I'll count them and get back to you....

Marg said...

I probably have 21 pairs of scissors in my house, I'm too afraid to go around and count them, in case I have more.
I would like to move to Europe for 6 months, not a few years, I think that would be nice.
I hope you weren't late for work, it was nice to read 6 random things about you.