Monday, December 19, 2011

Various and Sundry Monday: Vol. 21

At Christmas play and make good cheer,
For Christmas comes but once a year.
–Thomas Tusser

Christmas Concert Cuties
Both of the Little Bugs had concerts last week. I promised to show pictures and here they finally are. Grasshopper started in the 6th grade orchestra in September and last Wednesday was their winter concert. It was short, with only four songs, but the orchestra as a whole sounded lovely. It was a really nice evening and I enjoyed so much hearing them play. There are two cellists, two students who play viola and a dozen or so violinists. I am really proud of Grasshopper and the work he's put in. If only I could get him to hold his bow correctly and practice a little more.

On Thursday, LadyBug performed a lovely selection of Christmas songs with the entire 4th grade. Their performance was at the mall, so lots of people could attend. There wasn't much opportunity for photos, not to mention I forgot my good camera {for both performances} and had to resort to the camera on my phone. I made the vest LadyBug is wearing about 14 years ago. It was for my youngest sister, who was just about LadyBug's age at the time. I actually made vests for all three of my sisters, my mom, my grandma, Mr. Bug's mom and me {that's seven, if you're counting}. At our Christmas party, you can usually spot one or more of those vests every year.

Glad of Heart
The Glad of Heart table runner, which I'm taking to my family's gift exchange, is all quilted and ready for binding. We ended up only taking one runner for the gift exchange at Mr. Bug's family party {besides the one I made for Mr. Bug's mom}, so when I get this one finished, I'll be done making runners for Christmas. This is all you get to see until it is done.

More Donation Pillowcases
A few weeks ago, I showed you some pillowcases that a group of women in my ward {congregation} got together and made to donate to local facilities in need. We finished 15 on our service day and several more kits were taken home for completion. These are the remaining 11 pillowcases, making a total of 26 we'll be dropping off for donation tomorrow.

I love the Dora pillowcase. It is positively aDORAble. The two in the top right corner are flannel. The jungle animals are so cute, even though they got sewn on upside down. And I love the Tink pillowcases.

I love the red fabric on the Spiderman cases. I bought it several years ago as a remnant because I thought it had interesting texture. Someone else donated the Spiderman fabric and I rummaged around in my stash for the red because I knew it would be perfect together. I was glad that so many great fabrics that would work well for boys were donated.

Monday Music Spot: When Christmas Comes to Town
Christmas is in six days. Is anyone else worried about getting everything finished in time? I have lots of sewing done, but still lots left. Same with the shopping, but on a smaller scale. And the wrapping? I'll probably be wrapping in the car on the way to my family party, and then staying up late after we get home to finish wrapping gifts for the Little Bugs. Still, Christmas will come whether everything on my list gets done, so I might as well enjoy the season.


Paulette said...

Kids' Christmas concerts are so fun, aren't they? Your Little Bugs are adorable.

Love the quilting on your table runner, and your pillowcases are super cute!

Unknown said...

Many many years ago, I started making gift wrapping bags out of Christmas fabric--under the heading of "So Much Beautiful Fabric and Not Enough Walls for That Many Quilts". Every year I add some new bags. One year, when the boys were younger, they got big toys, like bikes and train sets. Then they started getting little stuff like DS games or gift cards. Wrapping is a snap!! I just have to pick out a ribbon for each bag. And it's really really quiet, which I love. And every year, as I rummage thru my bags, I can revisit Christmases past. It's wonderful.

Michelle said...

Awesome that Grasshopper is in the orchestra! Adorable kids, both.

Love the quilting on your table-runner.

The pillowcases are a lot of fun aren't they?