Saturday, December 3, 2011

Poultry in Motion: Le Chanticleer

The rooster may crow but the hen delivers the goods. –Unknown

I went to Google Translate to find out what Le Chanticleer means. I thought that it might be a particular breed of chicken which would make a nice title or subtitle for this table runner.

I translated it from French to English. Guess what the translation was? The Chanticleer.

Then I tried translating it from French to Portuguese and came up with galo doméstico, which means domestic rooster. Clearly, I was absent the day they read Reynard the Fox in school.

I don't know. Poultry in Motion: Domestic Rooster just doesn't have the same panache as Poultry in Motion: Le Chanticleer.

Perhaps I'll leave the subtitle off. After all, it's only a table runner.

The quilting: About three quilts ago, I got tired of using a walking foot for straight lines and stitch-in-the ditch. Two quilts ago, I decided to do the ditch work with my free-motion foot on. It wasn't the worst ditch work ever. So, I gave it a shot with the last project I quilted, and it was pretty OK. This quilt is also 100% free-motion and the straight lines aren't too bad if I do say so myself. Hooray for another Christmas gift exchange table runner finished!

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Christopher Bradford (Grasshopper) said...

Chanticleer comes from French, meaning to sing aloud, the way roosters do:

Paulette said...

Mighty fine quilting there, Elizabeth! Your free motion straight lines are very nice indeed, as is the rest of your work, as always. Whoever gets this sweet gift is a lucky person!

Shay said...

Another pretty runner E.

I thought Poultry in Motion was pretty good!

Angie said...

The quilting is the perfect companion to such cute fabric! Good job.

Michelle said...

So awesome! Your FMQ is just fantastic!

mom said...

woo hoo! I wonder if those pretty roosters are coming to our party?
I know someone who would like to get them!

QuiltNut Creations said...

love it love it love it!!!!!