Monday, December 12, 2011

Various and Sundry Monday: Vol 20

From a commercial point of view, if Christmas did not exist it would be necessary to invent it. –Katharine Whitehorn

I'm not sure how long ago I started this little table runner, but I pulled it out to add to my pool of table runners for the gift exchange parties I'm going to. I used a Moda Bakeshop "recipe" called Sunday Squares by Charlie Scott. I won the charm pack at shop hop a year or so before I started the runner and thought this would be the perfect project to use it in, only there weren't enough squares in the charm pack to make the whole quilt, so I decided to make a table runner. I had probably a half a yard of the background fabric in my stash, which wasn't enough to finish the top. By the time I got some more and got it washed, I'd either lost interest, needed to move on to something else more pressing or was kind of stuck on how to proceed. I'm thinking it was a combination of all those things, with being stuck the major factor.

I think I couldn't decide if I wanted to do a white border between the center and the sawtooth border . . .

. . . or if I wanted to do green. I still can't decide. I put the white border on last night and was all set on it. But when I got up this morning and looked at it again, I kind of like the green. While I was taking pictures, I was pretty set on sticking with the white. But after looking at the pictures, I'm pondering the green again. Opinions, please. Tell me what you think.

A Little Christmas Silliness
Christmas is in 13 days. Thirteen. Days. People. The pressure is on to get everything ready. If you're feeling stressed, here's a little something to make you laugh. There are some really great lines in here.

15 Yards
of 100% cotton fabric washed, pressed, cut and assembled into thirteen pillowcase kits. I got all my fabric on sale for at least 50% off and didn't pay more than $3.49 a yard for any one piece. I think there was even one piece that was $1.99 a yard. My favorites in this bunch are the Quilter's Showcase fabrics from JoAnn's. The fabric is a really nice weight/quality and it washes and presses really nicely, but the best thing about them is that they were on sale for $2.49 a yard, with an additional 10% off!

Glad of Heart
This is another table runner in progress. The top is finished and it is basted and ready for quilting. The fabric is Sanibel and I just love it. I know it is a little bit busy, but I think/hope that the quilting will help with that.

A very kind friend sent me five fat quarters of this fabric line at Christmas last year. I made a couple of Hexie Art Journals with it and had roughly a fat eighth left over of each fabric. This summer, I went to a fabric shop I don't visit often and they had one of those bins where everything you can cram into a gallon-size ziplock from the bin is $10. I was immediately drawn to the bright plaid. It was a big piece, just over 2 yards, and I thought it would be great for a table runner. When I saw Sanibel on the selvage, I knew it was meant to be. And just a few weeks ago I found a couple of different prints from this line on clearance at the quilt shop near my work. I was really glad to find them and I can't wait to start quilting on this.

Focus on Free-Motion Quilting
Vickie at Sew Inspired is hosting a little quilt-along during the month of January and I'm playing along because I am ready and anxious to learn as much as I can about free-motion quilting. Pop on over and have a gander.

Monday Music Spot: Santa's Got A Brand New Bag
I love this sassy Christmas song by SHeDAISY. It's just what I need to motivate me to do a little Christmas sewing, even though I'd rather go to bed.


Paulette said...

Wow, where to start? There are so many great things here today! First the border question. Boy, I can see how you could go either way. I do like the way the green sort of breaks up the main part from the outer border, but you could probably achieve that by quilting something on the white border. So...I guess I'm no help there (flip a coin?).

LOVE the pillowcase kits you've got put together. Such great fabric combinations! Yay for sale prices too!

Oh, that Sanibel runner is just gorgeous! I'm glad you could find more of it to round out your stash and make that beautiful runner!

I'll take a look at both videos tomorrow. My pillow is calling me.

Sarah Craig said...

I like the green border!

Shay said...

I like the white border.

All that pillow case goodness looks fab.

You've gone table runner crazy and they all look terrific!

Unknown said...

Green totally works for me. My tired ol' eyes didn't really pick out the patterns with the white.

I'm a couple-a days behind in my reading (much less sewing--there are 6 pairs of matching jammie bottoms glaring at me) but I love the finished pillow cases. That may end up being next year's project for me.

I've been wanting to try a quilt along, I'll go check this one out, thanks for the heads up.

And.... do some people actually pay full price for fabric? Silly people.

Michelle said...

Hey E, I like the white border best. :-)

I just finished making 2 sets of pillowcases. Will post about them shortly. I got my fabric on sale too ~ at Joann's.

The 2nd runner is so cheerful! Not too busy.

QuiltNut Creations said...

I love your pillowcases; great fabric selections! And the runners are fabulous.