Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The One Where Blogger Ate My Post

Three things are certain:
Death, taxes, and lost data.
Guess which has occurred.

–David Dixon

Blogger ate my post. My post from yesterday. The one that took me 1½ hours to write and edit. There were questions about the vodka in the Magic Starch so I went back in to add a few notes and when I re-published, blogger ate the text.

This has happened before. I get a post all typed up, publish it and nothing but the title shows up. It happened last Wednesday during my week of giveaways. I wrote the post the night before and scheduled it to publish at midnight. The title of the post but no actual post was up for about 18 hours before I could add the text and 12 people entered to win the giveaway without knowing the details. I hadn't save a copy of that post, but reproducing it was easy. It was mostly copy, paste and tweak a few details. Yesterday's post? Not so much?

Since this has happened before, I usually check to make sure that the text made it into my post. I open my blog in a new tab to see if what I typed appears. If it didn't, I go back to the tab I published in, hit the back button to get to the composing page and the information is still there. I copy it, close the post and go back to the list of posts, edit the post so I can paste the contents back into it because it is now empty and then publish. A little time consuming/frustrating/annoying, but no harm done because my post is still there.

Today, when I went to view my post to make sure the changes came up, the page wouldn't load. My computer is stupid sometimes and takes forever to load a page. So, I closed the tab and opened my blog from another tab. No post. No way to hit the back button. It wasn't in the history. I checked Facebook, where I have it set up so that when I post there the first paragraph of my post shows up and there's a link back to my blog. But the whole post isn't there. I don't have a copy of it anywhere. And I don't really have the heart to re-write it. I'm not making much sense now, trying to describe to you the ways that I can't find my post.

So, the big question, does anyone have my post from yesterday still open in a tab on their computer? Or am I the only one who keeps multiple tabs open at once? Does anyone get my posts via e-mail and still has yesterday's post? Even if it is just the text, I can add back in photos and silly videos from YouTube.

Any help would be appreciated!


elizabeth said...

I have it starred on my reader for the starch recipe, I'll see if I can send it to you

elizabeth said...

I don't see an email for you , email me if you need me to copy and paste your post : )

Paulette said...

I had it still cached in my History. Copied and pasted it into an email to you just now. Hope that's what you were looking for.

Unknown said...

We get what we pay for with blogger....
How can I find your fb page?

Richard Healey said...

I saw the post all messed up was thinking wow that is cool. It must be a game to piece it all back together.