Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The One Where My Blog Post Was Rescued

Great opportunities to help others seldom come, but small ones surround us every day. –Sally Koch

Blogger ate my post. It was unretrievable from my end. I sent up a flare for help. In less than 30 minutes there was a response and in just over an hour, I had my post back, complete with font formatting and hyperlinks in tact. Amazing. And also a little scary. What you put out there on the internet is forever, so be careful.

Sheesh. I'm starting to sound like my dad.

The reason I lost my post was because there were some questions about the vodka in the Magic Starch recipe and I went back to clarify. I think I replied to everyone who left a question in the comment via e-mail. But just in case, I know absolutely nothing about vodka. I don't drink, which, I must confess is more of a reason for having never made my own batch of Magic Starch than having to run all over town to get the ingredients. I wouldn't want anyone I know to see me at a liquor store. Then again, if I ran into anyone I know at the liquor store, I'm sure they wouldn't want me to see them there either. However, after having tried the Magic Starch I'm afraid I'll be making that trip when I run out of my supply. It is really great stuff.

But I digress. I did a little homework on the ingredients. Alcohol enhances the smell of the essential oil and also is a preservative for the mixture. Vodka is the recommended means of adding alcohol to the mix over rubbing alcohol. There are pros and cons to each side. In the pros column for vodka, it has no additives and dries quicker than rubbing alcohol. And drinking the leftover vodka can be either a pro or a con, depending on if you're a teetotaler or not.

Because of the lavender, Magic Starch and/or linen water {recipe without the liquid starch} has a really pleasant smell, which is part of the reason you'd want to use it. Rubbing alcohol has a really potent and unpleasant smell. I've never tried making it with rubbing alcohol, so I don't know if the smell would overpower the lavender. It is also toxic, which is another con, but then again, liquid starch is probably toxic too so you wouldn't want to drink it regardless of the type of alcohol in it. It seems to me that it is a judgement call. If you try it with rubbing alcohol, let me know how it works.

Back to the subject of this post, thank you to my blog post rescuers. You know who you are. It means a lot.

Piece, out. –E


Angie said...

Stick with the vodka. I get the conscience side of the 'buying of the vodka' but you reall need it. Trust me, get the stuff in the plastic jug, it is so nasty that noone will be tempted to drink it anyway! And spring for the huge bottle then you won't have to get it again for years. I get the 100 proof stuff too. ;)

Lee Ann L. said...

It's situations like your lost post that I tend to go over board and save my efforts in Word before hitting publish. Blogger will often due things in the background (e.g. maintenance) that may or may not interfere with our efforts. So, I save my work elsewhere too. I currently have a draft post in Blogger; but, it's also in Word for that just-in-case time. I also save scheduled posted in Word too. And, I backup my blog from time to time! I'm excessive like that. LOL. :-)

Sandie @ crazy'boutquilts said...

Yep I'd risk running into someone I knew to get the vodka, it is a great preservative for the starch. I'm so glad someone helped with your post! Have a happy day!

Unknown said...

I finally coughed up the big dough and bought a gallon of Mary Ellen's Best Press, or whatever it's called. (Had a big time coupon of course.) IMHO, I wouldn't waste perfectly good vodka on fabric, no matter how cool the fabric. If you need liquor, gimme a shout! (Or I'll send you my crazy nose and glasses for a disguise.)

Lane said...

Hey, Elizabeth. I've used both. Now that I've tried both, I use rubbing alcohol. I'm only using it to keep the starch from growing bacteria and taking on an unpleasant smell. I don't include the lavendar, tho. I don't need it to smell pleasant, I just don't want it to "stink" and I want it to keep the fabric stiff. I also make up large batches and keep them in the fridge. They'll last, with the alcohol or vodka, for a couple of months. But, don't store it in your good tupperware because the alcohol or vodka will discolor it and cause the bottom of the container to peel. I make enough to dip several yards of fabric in at a time, and generally end up with a gallon left over that will last a long time. Lane

Lane said...

Oops. Meant to say it's also great for shirts and tablecloths. Lane

Michelle said...

You're so adorable! Doesn't want to be seen in a liquor store. The differences in culture, literally from one state to the next, intrigue me. While I do find myself currently residing in the Bible Belt (where yes, we too have liquor stores) having moved here from Nevada where the bars are open 24/7 and you can buy vodka at the grocery store, and nobody thinks a darn thing about it, well the differences are rather profound, aren't they?

Susan said...

Maybe you have a friend who is going to the liquor store anyway and would pick it up for you. I thought of that, but I can't think of any who drink. So I might resort to wearing a big sign that says, "It's for ironing . . . really!" Glad you got your post back!