Saturday, January 7, 2012

Saturday Summary

Winter came down to our home one night
Quietly pirouetting in on silvery-toed slippers of snow,
And we, we were children once again.
–Bill Morgan, Jr.

Life At Its Best
Last night we had our first real snowfall. Snow has come down a few times, but nothing that required shoveling or that stuck around for very long. So, the Little Bugs and I dragged our shovels outside to clear the walks and driveway. We face north and the driveway becomes on huge ice slick if the snow isn't shoveled right away. So we were on it.

LadyBug loves snow. Like a lot. As soon as I said we were going out to shovel after breakfast, she was on the hunt for her snow things. She was ready and waiting for the rest of us to get our gear on and go out. When we got outside, she shoveled with gusto until she couldn't stand it any more and then she just had to play in the snow. She plopped down half on the sidewalk still and made a snow angel. The look of simple felicity on her face melted my heart.

When the world is cold and white, the best thing to do is make a snowman. The snow that came down this time was really good packing snow—the best I've seen in a few years. LadyBug made this snowman mostly by herself. I did some of the heavy lifting, and Grasshopper helped out too, but she rolled most of him by herself.

InsideOut a Cappella - In the Sun They Melted (Snowmen II)

Jilly Bean's Book Club
My cute sister, Jill, is hosting a book club of sorts. This first book she's doing is Confessions of an Ugly Stepsister by Gregory Maguire. I'm trying to figure out how to fit in a little reading time, because I think it will be really fun. Click on over and check it out.

A Week of Giveaways
January 9th is my 2-year blog anniversary. And January 12th is my birthday. So I am hosting a week of giveaways because I can't think of a better way to celebrate! I'll announce a new giveaway each day, beginning on Monday and running through Friday. I have lots of fun things planned, so I hope you'll join me!

I've Been Pinned
OK. I admit it. I've never been to Pinterest before this week. And still, I've only barely dipped my toe in. I'm trying to keep my curiosity at bay because I know that I will get sucked in and spend hours and hours pinning cool stuff. This week I noticed that I had quite a few hits from Pinterest. I clicked on the link and found myself on a page with a collection of my stuff on Pinterest! I'm not sure how it got there, but I'm kind of excited that people like my stuff. The cool thing is that I'm not just getting pinned, I'm getting re-pinned. Wow! If this is my 15 minutes of fame, I'll take it.


Paulette said...

I hope to have some finishes to add to your monthly linky. Sounds like a great idea!

It's fun to see the joy on your kids' faces, playing in the snow!

I'm happy for you being Pinned! You do such awesome work, and it's nice to be noticed for it.

Congrats on the upcoming 2-year anniversary! And a birthday too! Sound like it'll be a fun week.

Richard Healey said...

I too enjoyed the snow love yesterday. Living in utah we should have had alot of snow by now. I actuly had to go buy a snow shovel yesterday because the kids left the one we have some where out in the yard and its lost in the snow.

I just started quilting and bloging a month ago now. And have finished 3 quilts so far this year. My wife was unwilling to sew and after 18 years of marage and now pregnaunt with 4th child I am in need of quilts. She is slowly comming around and with her help picking colors last night finished our 3rd quilt with me doing all of the sewing. The first 3 quilts were Rag Quilts but have 4 other peiced tops in progress.
I look forward to your finishes thing and plan to link back all my finishes please visit my site and check out what im doing. Keeping in mind I am a man and out of my leauge need all the comments and help you can muster.

Tanks Richard Healey

Michelle said...

Looking at Lady Bug's enjoyment of the snow almost makes me like snow - almost. ;-)

Yeah, on your pinning! And congrats on your two years of blogging!

Happy Birthday ~ early ~ from your fellow Capricorn. :-)

Unknown said...

Okay..... LadyBug is a girl after over my heart--love love love her snowman. Now would y'all please send us some snow here in Ohio?

And! Book club!! Is JillyBean as much fun as you? If she is, count me in (yeah, in my spare time....)

And I'm trying desperately hard not to look at Pinterest. So worried I'll never put the laptop down if I do.

But Wait! There's More!! Giveaways? Wow!

pinksuedeshoe said...

I am jealous. We got a grand total of a sciff of snow that was melted before 11 am. So I am totally not counting it. Sigh, this winter is so weird.

whimsyfox said...

hello my name is Iris and I'm a Pin addict.....though I never thought to pin you because I know all your work and where to find it! lol. but your stuff IS lovely, and it's definitely Pin-worthy! :)

Love, love, LOVE the snowman. I like my men cold, hard, and sparkly in the sun. ;) Here in my part of Cali we don't get snow, and honestly I like it that way. But when we do go "visit the snow" as we non-snow area people say, Snowman building is my activity of choice. Love Ladybug's joyful expression.

So mujer, we must start planning that celebration trip over here!

Jill said...

Thanks for the plug! I hope to get a few readers.
Ladybug is a fabulous snowman builder. I can't seem to get it quite right anymore. I think that I could as a kid, but now, when my kids want help with a snowman, it just doesn't work out. Perhaps it's the snow quality, but we usually have to kinda pile up the snow until it's tall enough. No rolling-it doesn't seem to work. Although we didn't try with the latest snow fall...I guess we missed out.