Thursday, January 26, 2012

I Must Ask . . . What Is Your Dream Job?

Accomplishing the impossible means only that the boss will add it to your regular duties. –Doug Larson

I guess I satisfied your curiosity last week with my answers to your questions, because there were only a few more this week. But they were a really great bunch which gave me plenty to talk about. I'll start off with Richard's question: What are your 3 favorite blocks. And what block do you hate (and no, "square ones," is not a fair answer to either)?

My favorite blocks to make are Pinwheels, Stars and Flying Geese, not necessarily in that order. A pinwheel block was the first block {other than squares} I ever pieced and it was love. That pinwheel was the very center of the quilt and it went inside a star block, which uses flying geese units for the points. I'm just guessing here, but perhaps that is why those blocks are at the top of my list. I'm working on a Pinwheel Sampler quilt, which I hope to finish up in the next few weeks. I'm also working very, very slowly on a star quilt, which I hope is going to be awesome if I ever get it done. I've only been working on it here and there for about five years now. As I mentioned, flying geese are most often used in star points, but I also love them on their own and plan to use them in the border of another of my many, many Ph.D quilts. For flying geese units, I really like Patti Anderson's no-waste method of piecing them.

And blocks I don't like to piece? Any block that doesn't come out how it is supposed to :rofl:.

From my cute sister, Jill, If you could have any animal as a pet, what would you choose?

We have a fire-bellied toad named Pants {sadly, Violet died}. I like keeping toads, aside from the keeping live crickets to feed the toads and having to buy cricket food to keep the crickets alive and keeping the aquarium slime-free.

Someday, I think we'll get a dog. That will be dependent on how long I keep working, though, because keeping a dog locked up all day while we're away just wouldn't be nice.

I think the pet I would absolutely love the best, though, is not really one pet, but more of an eco-system. I would love a salt-water aquarium. A really big one. With lots and lots of colorful fish. And sea horses. I once saw a tank of just sea horses and they were the coolest little creatures ever. This tank would, of course, have a built-in maintenance man to keep the tank clean and balanced and running like it is supposed to.

And finally, Ann Marie asked, If you could have your dream job, what would you be doing? Where we you be living to do it too?

Great question! Thank you so much for asking :wink:. I have several dream jobs. Some of them are jobs that would be a dream to do and others are more like jobs that I could only do in my dreams.

In the category of jobs that would be a dream, I would love to work on the gardening/landscaping crew at an amusement park. Specifically, I'm thinking of a local amusement park, which sits smack in the middle of my mom's house and Mr. Bug's job. If we moved to the city where it is located, it would cut 5 hours and 20 minutes of commute time every week for Mr. Bug, bring me a hop, skip and a jump away from my mom AND make working in their gardens a possibility.

As far as other plausible jobs, I'd love to work in a quilt shop, and especially would like to teach classes. Working at quilt shop, however, does not seem like a very good source of income. I know all you fabric-a-holics know what I mean. I think that would have to be a job where I wasn't depending on wages earned.

In the realm of really-cool-but-a-total-longshot would have to be the writer of books that people like to read. You might have noticed that I like to write. I have ideas for a couple of books floating around in my head. The trouble comes in inventing a conflict that is interesting enough to engage the readers without doing something that has already been done. Doing so almost necessitates using supernatural elements in the story, which I'm really hesitant to do. After all, who can top Harry Potter? Still, one day, I might actually try stringing together a few thoughts and see if a plot develops.

If none of those work out, I've got a day job that I like. There are certain things I don't like about where I work, which I won't go into because that can get you fired. The job itself I do like. I work with numbers. They are predictable. Consistent. Dependable. Constant. That I like.

How about you? I must ask . . . what is your dream job? There is a poll in the sidebar with lots of options. Vote. Obviously, I couldn't anticipate everyone's dreams so if you don't find what you're looking for {or even if you do} leave me a comment and tell me how you'd like to spend your working hours.


Impera Magna said...

My dream job was school psychologist (not a school counselor) and I have that job today. Went back to school after the kids left home to get the necessary degrees and I am glad I did. While no job, dream or otherwise, is perfect, I know I am making a difference in the lives of children.

Angie said...

I kind of already have a pretty dreamy job...other than the part of truly making a living at it (maybe if I stop spending the profits on more fabric). ;)

When I was a kid, I wanted to be a marine biologist so I could work at Sea World. Maybe then I wouldn't be so scared of the ocean. lol

Jennifer Lovell said...

From your poll, I checked singer (obviously), accountant (I too like to deal with numbers--'cause you can usually tell when the answer is right and when it's off, and it's fun solving the mysteries when you're a little bit off), independently wealthy (duh), medical professional (when I was little I wanted to be an obstetrician when I grew up. I'd still love to do that, I just don't care for the idea of going to medical school), and SAHM because I love it. I might have clicked artist too, because being creative is so much fun.

But some other things that I would love to do are be an office manager or a secretary (I enjoy doing paperwork), be an editor for books (I have edited 4 of my brother's books, did you know? He's going to be published this year, too!), and be a translator (English/Spanish or vice versa). I prefer doing written translations, but I enjoy doing verbal translations, too. Sometimes I get to do that at church.

Right now I am kind of looking for work. I don't have many options because I have a child at home almost full-time still, and I don't have a car 85% of the time, but there's GOT to be SOMETHING I can do. Wish me luck.

Ann Marie @ 16 Muddy Feet said...

I already work at the Post Office, I am not a carrier, and wouldn't want to be either. But other than that I would love to design quilts, and teach others how to make them. I do some teaching at the Post Office, and I teach the customers everyday all day long, and I like doing that. Other than that since it wasn't on the poll. I would love to help people design building their dream homes.

Marjorie said...

I've been in my dream job for 3 months. It's in the same medical specialty field that I started my career in 20 years ago and worked part time in for the past 15, but now I know so much more (counseling skills, resources, tricks). And I'm working with an amazing team developing a new program. I use every professional skill I've learned in 2 decades in a way that helps people every day.

Needled Mom said...

I've got the best job ever - a SAHG (stay at home Grandma)!! Everyday is a delight.

We had a salt water tank. It was wonderful and so calming to look at. We had one silly fish that kept jumping out of the tank. I would find it on the floor and think it was dead. Nope. Back in the tank it went and it would swim off. Crazy fish!!!

Paulette said...

My dream job would be NONE AT ALL! :)

Richard Healey said...

My dream job is Programming. I used and programmed my first computer when I was 8 years old. I am now doing it full time and enjoy it.

Unknown said...

I am finally living my dream job.... ranger at Yellowstone is pretty freakin' awesome.... I have to pinch myself everyday I go in. When I got this job, one of the first things my boss did was to give me two keys--quite literally the keys to Yellowstone NP. I was shaking when I figured out what I was holding.

Having said that, I could be lured to a park closer to home, since the boys' situations are changing. For a couple of years at least, it might make more sense for us to be a little closer.

When I was in college my goal was to be the director of a children's camp. I could still do that,too, but the DH isn't so psyched about that, since it would be a permanent move. Hmmmm....

pinksuedeshoe said...

Dream job = professional organizer. I have done it a lot for friends and neighbors and my mom, but I would love to be able to do it all the time. It is so calming to me to tear everything apart and put it together in a much more useful way. Love it.

And my other dream would be to be a benefactor. I'd love to have the money to help everyone that I know that needs it, anonymously. How fun to be sneaky and see people who really need the help enjoying the benefits of it! I guess that falls under independently wealthy :)

whimsyfox said...

I like how you think Pink!

I have a degree in Aeronautical Engineering. Boy was I off! Knowing so many people that are not working in a field they studied (besides the SAHM), I've come to the conclusion that picking a major & investing beaucoup money & time in college right after HS is not ideal. But don't tell that to my girls!

I've come to realize that I love to play with photos & text, paper, and fabric. I love organizing & decorating. And I LOVE to shop. I SHOULD have majored in Home Ec! So my dream job would be professional organizer/interior designer. With a team to help with the parts I don't like. Pi ture Candice Olsen. 2nd choice would be graphic designer in the scrapbooking field. 3rd choice would be crafting up cute paper & fabric goodies to sell on Etsy, which I guess is totally doable if I wanted to invest time in boogging & getting my name out there and if I was a Savvy shopper & faster crafter!

whimsyfox said...

I didn't get a chance to ask a question, but I wanted to know what your oldest PhD (or UFO to some) is. :)

mom said...

my dream job was stay at home mom for twenty years and then I have spent the last twenty years in childcare. fun but not quite the same. I would love to be wealthy and have pink come and organize for me. I need help with that!

Michelle said...

Seems to me independently wealthy goes without saying. ;-) Still a person must find some way to fill her time, find purpose. I marked computer sciences because I spend so much time at the computer anyway.

But if we are being... rambunctious... how about wise woman?