Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Cutting With the Go! Giveaway Winner Update

Quilters know all the angles. —Quilter's Proverb

Earlier today, I announced two winners for my Cutting with the Go! Giveaway. One of the winners, Deb, was on a hot streak and had just won her own Go! She chose the die as part of her prize that she was going to have me cut for her, so she passed on her prize from me, which means I get to choose another winner!

Here is our alternate winner, then! Just send me your fabric and I'll send it all back to you cut with any of my Go! Fabric Cutting dies!

Congratulations to
at Projektownia Jednoiglec

who said, Probably I would like to try Drunkard's Path - I've never done it so far, so for sure it would be great challenge for me (I love to try new patterns and blocks). Have a peek at her blog. She does some really creative and pretty things. Jednoiglec is from Warsaw, Poland and her blog is in English and Polish {how considerate!}. I love the title of it — although I may be getting it totally wrong. It looks to me like she's titled the blog "Project Town," and that surely sounds like a place I could live. She was also one of the first to comment on today's earlier post and congratulate the winners. I just think that is so nice! Jednoiglec, congratulations, my dear, and check your e-mail :biggrin:.

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jednoiglec said...

I just can't believe it! Thank yo, thank you so much! I was waiting for the announcement of the winners and was not in the lucky two, but now I am:)))
There are so many thoughts that I would like to share right now with you, but the comment is too short - I'll try to post all on my blog.