Thursday, October 7, 2010

Guy and Eva Giveaway Winner

I think men who have a pierced ear are better prepared for marriage. They've experienced pain and bought jewelry.
–Rita Rudner

I'm a little late getting the post up. I was busy wrestling with the cyber gnomes and I was determined not to let them beat me. Unfortunately, I lost. So, let's get on with it.

First, I would like to thank JaiCi for sponsoring this super fun giveaway :hug:! Be sure to visit her on-line catalog, and if you book a party with her and mention I sent you, she's got a little something extra for you :wink:.

And now I'm excited to announce the winner of the Guy and Eva earrings.

Congratulations to
Cynthia L. :partytime:

at Home Matters 1st.

Cynthia said, My daughter would love the first pair, I would love the second. So if I win, either pair would be great. They are beautiful. Cynthia, check your inbox :biggrin:. I'll need your snail mail address and your choice of earrings {I hope you don't mind me putting in my :twocents: here; while I think it is really sweet of you to consider giving the earrings to your daughter, may I suggest that you treat yourself. You totally deserve it :hug:}.

I really wish I had a pair of pretty earrings to give to everyone who entered. You can find the pressed gunmetal earrings on page 36 of the catalog and the sparkly dangle beads are on page 29.

I also have a couple other giveaways going on right now, so check them out.
Zelda's Fancy Hat Giveaway {closed; congratulations to the winner, JaiCi}
Cutting with the Go! Giveaway {closed; congratulations to the winners, Marcia and Deb}


Unknown said...

Yeah, I am a winner! I have not won anything in the longest time! This is so exciting. I have looked at the earrings again and taken your advice to pick for myself and decided on the sparkly silver beads. Thanks for sponsoring this giveaway! I will wear them with pride and think of you when I do.

Shay said...

Congratulations Cynthia. What a lovely treat for you!