Saturday, October 2, 2010

Cat's Twilight Block of the Month: Block 5

"You see, every person smells different, has a different essence. If you locked an alcoholic in a room full of stale beer, he'd gladly drink it. But he could resist, if he wished to, if he were a recovering alcoholic. New let's say you place in that room a glass of hundred-year-old brandy, the rarest, finest cognac – and filled the room with its warm aroma – how do you think he would fare then?"

We sat silently, looking into each other's eyes – trying to read each other's thoughts.

He broke the silence first.

"Maybe that's not the right comparison. Maybe it would be too easy to turn down the brandy. Perhaps I should have made our alcoholic a heroin addict instead."

"So what you're saying is, I'm your brand of heroin?" I teased, trying to lighten the mood.

He smiled swiftly, seeming to appreciate my effort. "Yes, you are exactly my brand of heroin."
–Bella Swan and Edward Cullen, Twilight, page 267-268

Cat told me once that she sometimes dreams in geometric shapes. She really is a very talented lady. I love her designs. Slowly I'm catching up on her super fun Twilight Mystery Block of the Month. I've finished with June :biggrin:.

The focus for June was Bella. Here is the beginner's block, a simple heart in red – red because Edward loves the smell of Bella's blood. [Editor's Note: I'm so not into vampires and this sounds totally cheesy, but trust me, just read the books.] I used Fairy Frost in Scarlet for Bella's heart and reduced the pattern to 3" {60%}. Because the beginner's block is the same this month as last {just in a different color} Cat did a cute bonus pattern for people who like vampires with fangs. I'm not one of those people, so I don't think I'll have a need for that pattern, but I do think it is funny.

The advanced block is the charm bracelet that Jacob gave to Bella in Eclipse. This pattern is one of the first that Cat designed, but she has just now released it {well, back in June :rolleyes:}. This was my first attempt. You can read all about why it wasn't right here.

This is the Bella's Bracelet block that is going into my Twilight Quilt. I think this one came out much better. It is 6" {I enlarged the pattern to 120%} and you can read all about why this one works here.

I was starting to feel all on top of things, but Cat just put out Block 9 this weekend. I'm only hyperventilating a little. I've got the beginner's blocks for months 6, 7, 8 and 9 to do {and those go really fast}, and only the advanced blocks for months 6 and 7 to get all caught up. Being pattern tester has its advantages :cool:.


Barb said...

That bracelet block looks difficult. Great job!

Shay said...

Meant to say 4 posts ago nice profile picture update E!

This will look amazing when you're done.

Jennifer Lovell said...

Elizabeth, I think there's a big difference and improvement between the two bracelet blocks. Good job. Sounds like so much fun to be making a quilt of that theme ; ).

Ivory Spring said...

What a cute idea it is to do a bracelet quilt.