Monday, February 22, 2010

Aprons In Action

I've sent out the call to everyone I've made an apron for and asked for a photo of them wearing it. Here are the first few photos in for a little sew-and-tell.

First up, we have aprons on Mr. Bug's side of the family. From left to right and numbered in birth order: Kaelynn {#6}, Kimberly {#3}, Elizabeth {me, married to #1}, Stephanie {married to #4}, Krystal {married to #8} and Rachel {married to #7}. We're missing two of the sisters-in-law and Mr. Bug's mom, but hopefully they'll send me individual pictures.

This is my family. Moving from left to right is my twin-ten-years-younger, Jill {#4}, Robin {#5}, my mom {isn't she so cute!} and me {#1}. We're missing my brother's {#3} wife and my other sister {#2}. Again, I'm hoping they'll send me photos of themselves with their daughters.

This is my adorable friend, Jenna, with her two girls. She told me that she often has them wear their aprons while doing chores, like French maids do. Isn't that fun! I loved making these pink-a-licious aprons for them.
{l to r: Audrey, Dana, Jenna}

Pictured here is my dear friend Megan and her girls. She has the most gorgeous naturally curly hair and is an amazing cook. They love to cook together and so it was fun to put together an apron that fit each girl's peronality.
{l to r: Chloe, Grace, Jane, Emma, Megan}

This is my sweet friend, Michelle and her girls. These are some of the sweetest girls I know, and they all help their mom in the kitchen. They sent me the nicest thank you note, each of them writing in it to express their thanks. Michelle told me that Jane fell asleep wearing hers on the day they received them.
{l to r: Anne, Jane, Sarah, Emily, Michelle}

This next apron is part of my 'international collection,' one of three aprons sent outside the United States. It went to Mel, my fellow TwilightMOM, who lives in Canada.
Mel's Caption: When I learned how to sew, I forgot how to cook.

And last, but not least in what I hope is only the first round of Aprons-in-Action, is Shaunalei. Her kitchen is painted a cheery Apricot color and so I thought these tulips might be fun to go in there. She tells me that her oldest daughter always comments on how cute she looks in it every time she wears her apron. I quite agree.

Thanks to all who sent me photos! I love to see you in your aprons!


Jennifer Lovell said...

What a great collection of photos of your very fun aprons. After seeing all the variety, I realize that you really did choose our fabric well--ours are still my favorite :)! But I do like the last one a lot, too--how fun that it matches her kitchen. Fun fun fun!

coley said...

oh wow lizzie!! those are some real cute aprons!

QuiltNut Creations said...

these are great!