Friday, February 5, 2010

My Twilight Quilt: Identical Twins

I've mentioned before that I'm making two identical Twilight quilts. "Why," you might ask, am I making two identical Twilight quilts? There are a couple of reasons. My quilt started out as a traditionally pieced 'snuggle-under-it-and-read' kind of quilt. I was following the Block of the Fortnight Mystery Quilt instructions on the Zeppelin Threads web-site. I'd bought enough fabric for two quilts and intended to make one for Stephenie Meyer and one for myself. When there was a pause in the release of the instructions for the Mystery Quilt, plans began to emerge for a group quilt for Stephenie (Piece, Love, Twilight) and it seemed to me that a sending a quilt to Stephenie from just me was no longer the thing to do.

Still, I'd started two quilts and so I decided to finish two, mainly because I'd bought enough of a very expensive black Civil War reproduction fabric for two quilt backs. I'm beginning to think that was a little neurotic. As we worked on the Stephenie Meyer Quilt Plans for my own quilt began to evolve at the same time. By the time I realized that I was going to be spending an obscene amount of time on each intricately designed paper pieced block and that my quilt had expanded and morphed into something that no one would ever use for such a casual purpose as snuggling under to read, it was already too late. I was already in too deep with my 'twin' quilts to give it up. I'd spent too much time on the few blocks I'd completed to abandon one set and make just one quilt. There was only one thing to do, keep on keepin' on.

Before I realized the intense amount of time each block would take, I didn't think to keep track of the hours I was spending on this quilt. Once I realized that is was taking hours and hours for each block, I just had to turn a blind eye. I couldn't bear to think of how much time it was taking. So, I think that the name More Than A Little Obsessed is very fitting for these identical quilts. And anyone who has read Twilight should understand the double meaning.

Now the question is, 'what to do with the second quilt?' I plan to add a room onto my house for the first quilt and build a shrine to it. The second quilt will probably be locked away in some earthquake-proof, fire-proof, flood-proof, impervious-to-natural-disasters safe placed on the dark side of the moon.


Jennifer Lovell said...

Build a shrine to your first quilt? You are so funny! Seriously, that is the funniest thing you have said in awhile, and you say some really funny things. I love you, my funny friend! I'm going to be smiling about that for awhile :D.

I was thinking about something as I was writing in my journal the other day. I thought that sometimes I put too much detail in my personal stories that I write down, and I thought maybe someone else might think I am too detailed and wordy (I know I get it from my dad). But then I realized as I was reading your post here, that you do the same thing. You tell your stories really well, and don't leave out any of the details (at least I don't think you do), BUT, I really enjoy that about your writing. So, maybe it's a good thing for me too :). I'm enjoying your new venue for your story telling--this blog! Love ya!

Elizabeth said...

Thank you Jenna! I love it when you comment.

You're rignt -- I do have to tell all the details! I've never been a fan of the minimalist style when writing. That one of the reasons why I love Stephenie Meyer's books. She gives you all the good details.