Monday, April 5, 2010

The Ladybug Game

The kids are out for spring break. And it is rainy out. They've been on break since school let out at the usual time on Friday and they're already bored. Friday afternoon, LadyBug and I went to JoAnn's and picked out a couple of kits with projects for Grasshopper and her to paint and put together this week. They blew through those on Saturday.

When my kids come to me and say they're bored, I give them a list of chores to choose from. They're never that bored. Today, LadyBug started to tell me that she was bored and I reminded her that the potties always need scrubbing. She disappeared quickly. A few minutes later, I found her playing a board game. With huge pangs of
mommy guilt, I asked the obvious question, are you playing by yourself? Her answer surprised me and made me feel even more mommy guilt. No, I'm playing with Ethan. Ethan is her WebKinz Eagle. And she did indeed have two markers on the board. I offered to play with her as soon as that game was over. I moved the laundry and Ethan won that game.

So we set up the game again, picked our game pieces, read through the rules and just as we were about to start playing, Grasshopper came home from a friend's house and joined us. Ethan, LadyBug and me. The game we were playing is called The Ladybug Game and was a gift to LadyBug from my mom for her birthday this year. It was a lot of fun, clever, entertaining and well thought-out for a game that requires no reading. It was created by a first grader and she did a terrific job. Ethan is an extraordinarily gifted Eagle. He won two games in a row. On the other hand, I suck at The Ladybug Game. I was sent back to the start no less than five
times. As LadyBug pulled into home and I was sent back to start again, I called time. We'll have to pull it out again, when the kids get bored during our rainy Spring Break.

If you're interested, you can find this game on-line at Barnes & Noble.  Don't worry, I already comparison shopped and that is the best deal on the web.  However, if you live near a Target or KMart, you might get a better deal in-store.

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Amy said...

It's really not fair to rain on spring break. I like your ideas! I also think your nicknames for your kids are so cute!