Thursday, December 8, 2011

I Must Ask . . . What Is Your Favorite Holiday Tradition?

It is Christmas in the heart that puts Christmas in the air.
–W.T. Ellis
I had a fun time hearing about your favorite holidays. I forgot a few, most obviously Mother's Day. It wasn't intentional that I left it off, although I'm not entirely sure it was an accident. I'm not very fond of Mother's Day. I think it is a day full of reminders of unmet expectations. But maybe that's just me. I couldn't include every holiday across the globe and I also left off Hanukkah, which was entirely accidental. I also added some silly and superfluous holidays just for fun. I was a little disappointed to see that no one voted for National Pink Day. Christmas won by a landslide, which is a good thing because when I posted last week, I planned to ask about holiday traditions this week.

Christmas can be a difficult and stressful time. Last Christmas, I just wanted to skip the whole thing. Our financial situation was bleak, even though I started working at the beginning of December. Our savings was gone and Mr. Bug didn't have many prospects for employment. I was discouraged and trying to adjust to a new life and didn't have it in me to bridge the gap between our lack of funds and the gifts we needed to give. Making gifts was work instead of fun because I didn't have the luxury or the choice of going out and buying things if I ran out of energy or time.

This year, we are both gainfully employed, and while money is still tight, I'm so excited to put together some really fun Christmas gifts. I'm making table runners for Christmas parties on both sides of our families {two down, two to go!}, and I hope to be able to put together some really pretty Christmas ornaments to give as neighbor gifts. I'm making {note to my sisters: please skip this next sentence so it will be a surprise} pillowcases for my nieces and nephews. I'm really excited to make gifts this year. One of my favorite things about the holidays is giving thoughtful gifts and if I can make them, that is even better!

I also love the parties. Parties with family. Parties with friends. Parties with co-workers. I think that work parties are my favorite. Spending an evening out, with food, entertainment and gifts provided by someone else is really one of the highlights of the season for me. Tonight was my work party. Mr. Bug wasn't able to make it, but the Little Bugs and I went bowling with my co-workers and it was SO much fun. My high game was 112, which is pretty good considering I haven't bowled in about five years. And it was probably 10 years before that. There were gifts and food and a really good time. The Little Bugs were so cute with their 6 lb. balls and their funny approaches and their bumpers on the lanes. I'm definitely going to have to take them bowling more often.

Winter and cold and snow aren't my favorite things but Christmas makes it a little more bearable. {I realize that it is summer in the southern hemisphere, but Christmas on the beach just seems weird to me. I've actually been there.} I love the sharing and giving, the kindness, the service that goes on at this time of year. How about you? I must ask . . . what is your favorite holiday tradition?


Paulette said...

Well, it's not decorating, that's for sure! Right up there on the list would be, under normal circumstances, baking. Which is one reason I think I'm having a bit of a hard time this year getting in the groove. I'm hoping I'll come down with a massive case of holiday spirit eventually. Before Dec. 24 would be nice! :)

Unknown said...

When we were little, on Christmas Eve my bro, sis, and I would get to hold lighted candles while Daddy read from his old Bible. The last time he was able to do it, we had all of his Grandkids there, even tho they were so little we made them use battery powered ones.

This year, I'm in a super subdued mood, and have no idea why. Hmmmm.... what's up with that?

Jill said...

I love the lights and music. We have around 50 (and counting) Christmas CDs. In fact, the sheer number became so great that we had to start putting them in storage when it's not December because otherwise they took up all the shelf room from our other music.

We were so excited to finally have our own house that we could decorate with lights, we bought the prettiest LED we could find, hung them up the day after Thanksgiving, and they've been there for 3 years. I'll have to take them down after this season, though. The plastic clips are starting to break from so much weather exposure. But I'm sure they'll stay up for 3 more years after I hang them next Christmas...

Shay said...

All our traditions revolve around food...

But Im starting one this year with Little P. Christmas Eve we're going to walk round the neighbourhood and see the lights on houses and come home and read The Night Before Christmas. I cant wait.