Thursday, March 10, 2011

Why Didn't Somebody Tell Me?

You will do foolish things, but do them with enthusiasm. –Colette

It's like I've been walking around with a big piece of broccoli stuck between my front teeth. And nobody told me. For like eight months.

Have you ever clicked on the Operation Pop-Up Window Pirate button so prominently placed at the top of my sidebar, and promising to show you how to make commenting faster and easier for your readers? And then after you clicked on it wondered why you were still at my homepage :confused:? Well, that happened to me the other day :rofl:. When I discovered that the button didn't work right, I sifted through my posts to fix the link and found the post it was supposed to link to clear back in June of last year. I was so embarrassed. And it explained a few things :paranoid:.

Yeah. I'm a dork :propeller:.

My motto is Go Big or Go Home, and now seems like an opportune time to revisit the subjet. A while back, I launched a campaign to convert all of blog-kind to Pop-Up Window Pirates, because I like to browse blogs and leave a little comment for the blog owner. The Pop-Up Window is by far the fastest of the three comment options that Blogger offers. I even made a cool bloggy button for it. Which now works like it is supposed to.

Operation Pop-Up Pirate

And here are the step-by-step instructions for changing your comment settings. They were specially designed with all types of learners in mind {for those who follow verbal instructions best, read them out loud to yourself} and they will help you to quickly and easily become a Pop-up Window Pirate.

• From your Dashboard, click on the Settings option.

• Under the settings tab, click on the fourth option: Comments.

• In the third heading labeled Comment Form Placement, select Pop Up Window.

• Save your changes {scroll to the bottom of the page} and you're done. You're now officially a Pop-Up Window Pirate. Welcome to the crew, matey.

Yours Humbly,
Elizabeth, King of the Pirates

P.S. If the button doesn't work, somebody please tell me this time.


Paulette said...

Ah, I get it now. I never knew what Pop-Up Window Pirate was and didn't click on it because I thought it was a link to a pop-up blocker service.

I changed my settings. I never thought about this before, but you're right; I don't like that extra step of commenting and then waiting for the verification box and going through a second rigamarole. I wonder how many people click comment and then navigate away or close their browser before they do the word verification? Anyway, done! And I'm glad your button didn't work and you had to re-explain because I apparently missed it the first time. :)

Angie said...

If it makes you feel better, I would have NEVER let you walk around with stuff in your teeth! I am the kind of person that will (on the sly) tell a total stranger they have stuff in their nose. I just never clicked on the button because I had read the post when you put it up. ;)

SueWis said...

Huh. I have 2 blogs and one was set for pop-up window and one was set for below post. I never changed either one so I have no idea why blogger set me up that way. Thanks! I do prefer pop-up windows.

Jennifer Lovell said...

I would probably not tell someone about something in their nose, and I'm really torn even about the broccoli in the teeth. But I'm the queen of HAVING stuff stuck in my teeth, so I empathize with your broccoli ordeal this time.

And for the record, I support you in getting people to use the pop-up windows. I like it better that way too.

Unknown said...

I did click on that button a few days ago (night before you emailed about it) and it didn't work but I thought it was me having connection problems because a couple other links didn't work. So I disconnected then reconnected and the other link worked but it was late so I didn't try more.

Btw did you get my email asking about the indexes?

Lane said...

Okay, I'm in and I've just made the change. Thanks for re-running this. Lane

Shay said...

Oh dear..I put the button on my sidebar and never checked it...thats why I didnt say anything. I think you're a HTML genius so it didnt occur to me to check on you!